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CAF Canada is your trusted partner for international philanthropy.

Charities Aid Foundation Canada (CAF Canada) connects donors with the charitable work they want to support. Together with our partners at CAF America, we maintain a database of 3,000+ pre-approved charity partners in over 100 countries. When you donate through our trusted network, your corporate, individual, or nonprofit’s donations will go further to fund impactful projects.

CAF Canada’s charitable objects

CAF Canada has a series of ten charitable objects that define what we can fund. These objects fall into the following categories:

  • Support public education
  • Advance health care and public health
  • Protect animals and the environment
  • Uphold human rights

Follow the link below to learn more about each charitable object.

Our work is guided by three principles

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with Canadian regulations and local laws governing the movement of foreign charitable funds into beneficiary countries.

Risk Mitigation

Mitigate the risk of significant excise taxes, fines, and even criminal charges in case of failure to comply with Canadian and global regulations governing cross-border giving.

Reputation Protection

Protect our donors from possible reputational damage that may arise if proper due diligence is not conducted.

Leverage the Power of Our Global Network

CAF Canada is a member of CAF International, a network of trusted partners in cross-border giving. Drawing on decades of experience in this field, our CAF International partners provide us with local expertise that drives our work and funding.

Caf International

CAF Canada’s Values

The partnerships we share with people and organizations around the world are a privilege, which is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards.

  • We are committed to upholding the three R’s: regulation compliance, risk mitigation, and reputation protection
  • We build donor trust through service and innovation
  • We are dedicated to teamwork through diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • We cultivate experts in philanthropy and compliance
  • We give back through serving our own community and helping it thrive

Our Team

CAF Canada’s team of experts are ready to assist you in building your philanthropic vision. Our team will work with you to ensure your giving is regulatory compliant, mitigates risk, and protects you from reputational damage. Learn more about us below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CAF Canada?

CAF Canada (Charities Aid Foundation Canada) is a registered Canadian charity working to expand philanthropic giving by making it easy, reliable and effective for Canadians to donate both internationally and domestically. Our mission is to help donors make strategic and focused philanthropic decisions which have a lasting, positive impact on the individuals and communities they support – throughout the world.

How does CAF Canada work?
CAF Canada ensures that donations for philanthropic projects are designated for their intended purposes under the auspices of organizations that are thoroughly vetted for compliance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) standards. On behalf of donors, we work together with approved organizations to define projects, oversee their implementation and facilitate funding for them.
How does CAF Canada assist Canadian donors?
CAF Canada offers a safe, tax effective platform for charitable giving. We take the worry out of international philanthropic funding by handling all the intricacies of global donations. CAF Canada fully complies with all Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations, permitting us to provide Canadian donors with a charitable tax receipt for their gifts. We are committed to the highest ethical and legal standards.
How does CAF Canada assist charitable organizations?
CAF Canada offers eligible organizations the ability to offer their Canadian donors a reliable, tax-effective means of supporting their projects. Charitable organizations can direct their Canadian donors to CAF Canada, which will help streamline a donor’s interests into an approved project plan. Please note that CAF Canada is a donor driven organization. We do not have discretionary funding with which to support charitable projects on our own.
What fees does CAF Canada charge?
CAF Canada’s charges includes modest administrative fees to advance funding for approved projects and to vet organizations for funding eligibility. For more details on International Project Gifts (IPGs), click here. For more details on International Project Funds (IPFs), click here.

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