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Individual philanthropy usually begins with a story: a story of hope, a story of courage, a story of inspiration. CAF America will help you take that story global.

As a trusted partner and expert in international giving, we will work with you to create and implement a giving plan that is fully compliant with all regulations and aligned with your values and goals. Or, we can support your existing plans by appropriately handling the vetting and funding mechanisms necessary to deliver your intended results.

Give anywhere, safely

With CAF America as your partner, you can tap into our vetted network of more than 1.9 million charitable organizations in 135 countries. Don’t see an organization you want to support? We can approve new grantees with a simple validation process designed for efficiency and compliance.

And by donating through us, you can claim a charitable deduction (when giving directly to a foreign nonprofit, you cannot).


Manage all of your philanthropy through one Fund

If it’s right for you, we may suggest you establish a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). A DAF allows you to contribute to your fund at any time and give to both domestic and international charities out of a single fund.

You may advise that we invest your fund, allowing your giving to grow over time, and you may add family members as advisors so they can help advance your family’s philanthropic goals.

Give to the projects you are passionate about

As a donor-driven, cause-universal organization, CAF America can facilitate your giving to any charity we are able to legally validate. We have supported a wide range of projects from medical research in Ireland to youth education in India and turtle rehabilitation in Mexico.

Explore our Global Charity Database to learn more about the projects in our alliance.


Make a Gift Today

With CAF America, you can confidently make a contribution to support an established fund or a validated international grantee.

Partner with a leader in cross-border giving

We invite you to ask us about giving through our vetted global network.

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