Grant Management Services

Apply Your Philanthropic Vision through a Customized Grant Program



With more than 30 years of experience in compliant international giving, use our expertise to create and/or manage an international grant program on your behalf.

If you already have a grant program and application process in place, CAF America can establish new protocols that are more efficient for your staff and participating beneficiaries. All of this can be done through your grants management system or CAF America’s own grants portal.

How it works

We support family and corporate foundations in a number of ways:


Identify suitable charity partners

CAF America will work through our partners in the CAF International Network and with our advisory networks in Asia and Africa to create a list of deserving beneficiaries for your grant program.


Streamline the grant application process

We can integrate our eligibility requirements with your unique grant application, minimizing the administrative burden on prospective beneficiaries.


Manage open application periods

Our grants management staff is experienced in supporting open applications, serving as the main point of contact, and fielding questions from potential applicants.


Review submitted applications

We can work alongside your team to perform preliminary or complete reviews of all submitted applications, allowing you to control the level of oversight.

Whether we fully integrate ourselves into your technology platforms or work to customize our own to fit your needs, CAF America’s Grants Management Services are a valuable addition to any grant program.

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Grant Management Services

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