Donor Advised Gifts

Give Globally Without Establishing a Fund



Donor Advised Gifts (DAGs) allow you to donate to a specific project abroad without committing to an ongoing relationship.

With more than 1.9 million charities in our database spanning 135 countries, we can recommend a charitable project that fits your interests and philanthropic goals. Or if you have a project in mind, you can recommend that CAF America supports a new or ongoing charitable project.

Guaranteed compliance, maximum impact

CAF America is fully compliant with United States law and follows the highest ethical standards, reflecting our commitment to trust and integrity. All charitable organizations in our Global Charity Database undergo a thorough review process to ensure that approved projects lead to positive, meaningful change.


Advantages of a Donor Advised Gift

  • Make unlimited, fully tax-effective contributions
  • Donate assets such as privately held stock, real estate, and art
  • Securely distribute grants through free wire transfers
  • Distribute grants weekly to speed the impact of your giving
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your donation is compliant with US and local rules and regulations and has undergone CAF America’s strict due diligence process
  • Work with knowledgeable, dedicated support staff who provide personal and timely service
  • Participate in a direct and transparent funding process

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