Donor Advised Funds

Efficiently Manage Domestic and International Grantmaking



Establishing a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at CAF America streamlines the process of giving, because you may use the Fund to advise grants to both domestic and foreign organizations.

With a DAF, you eliminate the considerable time and expense required to establish and maintain a private foundation and obtain tax-exempt status from the IRS.

Guaranteed compliance, maximum impact

CAF America is fully compliant with United States law and follows the highest ethical standards, reflecting our commitment to trust and integrity. All charitable organizations in our Global Charity Database undergo a thorough review process to ensure that approved projects lead to positive, meaningful change.


Advantages of a Donor Advised Fund

  • Make unlimited, fully tax-deductible contributions
  • Donate assets such as privately held stock, real estate, and art
  • Name the fund to best reflect your program goals, mission, or initiatives
  • Receive comprehensive fund management support, including activity statements, online account access, and a dedicated Fund Manager
  • Tap into our expertise as we identify international organizations that are aligned with your philanthropic goals
  • Distribute grants securely through free wire transfers
  • Make weekly grant distributions to speed the impact of your giving
  • Enjoy peace of mind regarding your fiduciary and compliance responsibilities
  • Benefit from CAF America’s 30+ years of international grantmaking experience and expertise
  • Connect to global giving solutions via the CAF Global Alliance

Grow your impact with an Invested Donor Advised Fund

For donors wishing to grow the impact of their contributions over time, CAF America offers the option of investing donors’ DAF assets.

You may recommend investment allocations based on your appetite for risk and goals for growth, choosing from our pre-approved portfolio options. You will also receive immediate tax benefits as you grow your giving over time and maximize contributions to your preferred organizations.

Do you have a particular vision for your DAF investments? Speak with us to discuss bespoke offerings.

Advantages of investing your DAF assets

  • Avoid capital gains taxes on invested donations
  • Select from four different Model Portfolios to find the one that best meets your grantmaking time horizon and philanthropic mission

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