Wealth Advisor Interview Series

Wealth Strategy and Charitable Giving: A deep-dive into how and to what extent the world of philanthropy and wealth services intersect. Our interview series features leaders in this industry dedicated to bringing philanthropy into the conversation and providing an insider’s perspective on wealth strategy.

CAF America stands ready to assist you and your clients in identifying local or international charities that are aligned with your clients’ charitable objectives. Our staff can support you in a myriad of ways to ensure that you’re providing comprehensive and unparalleled philanthropic solutions to your clients.

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Max Barger
Senior Wealth Strategist
PNC Wealth Management
Jane Peebles
Karlin & Peebles LLP
Krystal Kiley
Vice President & Head of Practice Management
Fidelity Charitable
Brad Bedingfield
Hemenway & Barnes LLP
Fred Kaynor
Vice President of Marketing & Business Development
Schwab Charitable
Suzanne Hammer
Hammer & Associates
Molly Norton
Philanthropic Advisor
Brighton Jones


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