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Strengthening Nonprofit and Civil Society Organizations
in Brazil

Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF America) and our partner office in Brazil, the IDIS Institute for the Development of Social Investment, are dedicated to building the capacity of Civil Society Organizations worldwide.

In line with this commitment, CAF America and IDIS, with the support of the U.S. Consulate in São Paulo, are partnering to develop and conduct a series of trainings within the context of a project titled Strengthening Nonprofit and Civil Society Organizations in Brazil.

Consisting of a two-day workshop in São Paulo and a series of online trainings, this project focuses on assisting small to medium size CSOs in Brazil improve their operational capacity around three core areas:

1.Strategic Planning
Many organizations looking to scale up their operations can encounter obstacles that impede strategic, value-oriented growth. This training module will provide solutions to these common challenges and help participants plan for their organizations’ futures.

    1. Identifying the elements of a strong mission and vision
    2. Formulating the core values of an organization
    3. Processes for defining clear long-term goals
    4. Best practices for developing theories of change
    5. Strategies for aligning project portfolios to strategic plans

2. Fundraising
According to the CAF World Giving Index, the US ranks in the top 5 most charitable countries in the world, demonstrating the generosity of American donors. However, for non-US CSOs, it can be difficult to fundraise within the borders of the US. This training module will provide best practices in fundraising in general, and more specifically, how Brazilian CSOs can better access American donors and establish legal and effective fundraising strategies.

    1. General principles and tools for fundraising within Brazil
    2. General principles and tools for fundraising from the U.S.
    3. Rules and regulations for receiving charitable donations from the U.S.
    4. Responding to vetting conducted to establish eligibility for receiving funds from U.S. donors

3. Partnership Development
A core goal of this project is to develop the capacity of Brazilian CSOs to seek and secure effective partnerships with organizations that can magnify their reach and impact. In this training module, CAF America and IDIS will share their expertise and discuss cross-sector collaboration, including:

    1. Making use of the SDG platform to facilitate developing partnerships
    2. Brazilian Government funding opportunities

Participation in this training is dependent upon a successful application.

Please see the required documentation below:

Download Request for Application (RFA)

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