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CAF America’s expertise in donor advised cross-border giving enables you to expand your suite of services and address the specific needs of your clients.

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For over 30 years, CAF America has assisted donors seeking to support charitable organizations around the world by providing the infrastructure necessary for cross-border giving and maintaining a worldwide network of fully vetted charity partners.


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As a Donor Advised Fund sponsor, CAF America offers giving solutions that can integrate into any planned giving strategy.

Donor Advised Funds

Streamline the process of giving and easily support both domestic and foreign organizations.

Donor Advised Gifts

Donate to a specific project without establishing a fund at CAF America.

Legacy Giving

Make a legacy gift or create a fund to support charitable projects and organizations around the world.

Our Insights

CAF America brings together donors and charities from across the sector to share innovations and developments in the global philanthropic community. We provide insights that inform your giving, making our collective work more impactful while maintaining the highest standards of grantmaking best practices.



The SDG Giving Landscape, Volume 2:
Seven Years of Grantmaking for Sustainable Development

How to Give

Legacy Giving with CAF America:
Your trusted partner in international philanthropy

How to Give

Donations of Complex Assets:
How CAF America can translate your charitable assets into global impact

Case Study

Reuniting Lovers Across Time:
Donating Artwork to Benefit a UK Charity

Case Study

Resolving an Estate:
A Donation of Railcars

How to Give

Solutions for Cross-border Giving:
A resource for advisors and their philanthropic clients

How to Give

Give Anywhere Safely:
CAF America's approach to beneficiary due diligence

Case Study

The Legacy of Helen L. Rinker Ashley:
Changing Lives, Half a World Away

Case Study

Sponsoring a New University Campus:
A Donation of Foreign Real Estate

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