Paw-ssionate about Animal Rights

March 03, 2021
A dog and cat standing together - Paw-ssionate about Animal Rights

Amid the unprecedented crisis brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, faced with long hours quarantined at home, many people have added a furry friend to their family. As a result, dog and cat adoption rates have skyrocketed across the world, leaving many adoption centers temporarily empty. Yet, according to the European Union, there are still over 100 million stray dogs and cats in need of a home in Europe alone.  

Animal Care Austria (ACA) and its volunteers proactively work to supply these animals with a temporary home and ensure their well-being. Besides providing daily care and routine medical services for some 250 dogs and 90 cats in Austria and Hungary, ACA organizes and hosts Care Days several times a year. These events bring together ACA team members, volunteers from around the world, and a staff of veterinarians and veterinary medical students from Hungary and Austria to provide full medical checks and treatment for every animal on site. Care Days have proven critical in ensuring the long-term health of these shelter animals and preventing the parasite epidemics that often plague shelters. 

Depending on the number of animals treated, the medication costs alone for a single Care Day can range between 1,600 and 2,000 euros. The generous support of Cisco allows CAF America to facilitate a grant to cover this essential expense, providing a much-needed boost during these times of great financial uncertainty. Cisco’s support has enabled 550 dogs and cats to receive proper medical attention, including an anti-parasite treatment that is vital to preventing disease transmission in the community. It’s a perfect match for a company that values animal welfare, as evidenced by the many Cisco employees who have volunteered at the ACA Care Station in Hungary. 

Animal Care Austria devotes considerable time, energy, and love to its work—whether it’s direct care of the animals in its shelters or all the planning that goes into Care Days. Everyone involved is clear about the urgency of their tasks and the importance of the procedures they carry out in support of ACA’s mission. As the organization looks ahead toward growing and enhancing the medical procedures they offer, the immediate hurdle is how to ensure the well-being of all the rescued animals despite difficulties posed by the pandemic. Continued support from organizations like Cisco and like-minded donors will help ACA conduct its work in the short term and build its capacity for the future

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