Empowering Youth and Building Bridges

Campers at La Chabotte playing basketball - Empowering Youth and Building Bridges

At CAF America, we are deeply committed to supporting organizations that make a real difference in their communities. One such organization is Sport dans la Ville—a French non-profit dedicated to serving children and young people in low-income neighborhoods through sports and job readiness training. Our partnership, over five years long and counting, has been instrumental in supporting Sport dans la Ville’s work and expanding their reach to US donors through a Friends Fund.

Since their establishment in 1998, Sport dans la Ville has grown to operate a network of sixty sports centers, each strategically located at the heart of the low-income communities they serve. Through the power of sports activities, they instill values such as self-confidence, teamwork, dedication, leadership, and hard work in young individuals, setting them on a path to a brighter future. Every young person enrolled in their programs receives educational and personal support from the moment they join one of their sports centers. Currently, over 10,800 young people between the ages of six and twenty-five are involved in Sport dans la Ville’s programs, benefitting from their decades of experience in creating innovative and effective educational initiatives.

Through their partnership with CAF America, Sport dans la Ville operates a Friend Fund, which allows US donors to make tax-effective contributions that support Sport dans la Ville’s programs. This collaboration has been invaluable in helping Sport dans la Ville expand their donor base in the United States and support their Franco-American exchange programs. Over the years, they have received more than $500K in grants, enabling them to amplify their impact and reach more young people in need.

“Our partnership with CAF America allows Sport dans la Ville to concentrate all its efforts on fundraising without worrying about the administrative process—including due diligence and tax receipts. It feels safe and easy.

A few years ago, Sport dans la Ville decided to launch a volunteer/work abroad program serving hundreds of youths living in low-income neighborhoods in France, Boston, Chicago, and New York, and CAF America was the perfect service provider to help facilitate contributions from US donors.”

 Pascale Remy, Head of Global Partnerships

Building Bridges with Summer Camps

One of the remarkable initiatives supported by our partnership is Sport dans la Ville’s Summer Camps in Drôme Provençale, France. These camps aim to provide life-changing experiences for youth. Imagine the excitement and anticipation of four hundred exceptional kids as they are selected to participate in these transformative camps. The selection process considers their positive behavior and how they embody the values of Sport dans la Ville in their interactions on the sports fields, at school, within their families, and in their neighborhoods. Qualities such as punctuality, commitment, respect, and benevolence are highly regarded, as they are considered essential for the social and professional integration that Sport dans la Ville strives to foster.

La Chabotte Camp

Image: La Chabotte Camp, France, Sport dans la Ville

Campers playing soccer at camp

Image: Campers at la Chabotte playing soccer, Sport dans la Ville

Sport dans la Ville’s summer camps immerse participants in experiential learning, focusing on cultural exchange and building friendships by putting their campers in a new environment that they must learn and respect, facilitating outdoor activities and group recreation, and providing healthy and diverse food options. The camps boast state-of-the-art sports facilities that offer a range of activities, from traditional sports to adventure challenges, providing ample opportunities for the participants to develop their skills and confidence.

“Before coming, I was afraid of getting bored…after a week, I made lots of new friends and we did nine-foot jumps. I never thought I could do it!” — Isïa

“Sport dans la Ville gave me a lot. Thanks to them, I’ve had lots of opportunities to do activities, go on trips and meet new people.” — Imane

One particularly notable aspect of these summer camps is the intercultural exchanges facilitated by Sport dans la Ville. Through innovative partnerships with sister organizations abroad, they welcome one hundred participants each year from Belgium, Brazil, the UK, and the US. These encounters help campers broaden their horizons, promote open-mindedness, and create lifelong connections. It is through such exchanges that we build bridges between communities and nurture a global perspective among our youth.

Image: Campers eating at la Chabotte Camp, Sport dans la Ville

At CAF America, we are honored to support Sport dans la Ville and witness the incredible impact they have on the lives of young individuals. Through our Friends Fund, we continue to provide them with the necessary resources to expand their programs and create opportunities for disadvantaged youth. Together with our US donor partners, we are empowering Sport dans la Ville to make a real difference, transforming lives, and fostering a brighter future for all.

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