Will Sherman

Assistant Director, Grant Services

Hello! I am Will Sherman, an Assistant Director of the Grant Services Team at CAF America. I manage client relationships for programs that fall under our ‘Due Diligence only’ services.

Prior to joining CAF America in 2021 I worked for animal welfare organizations as a government relations intern and later a corporate & policy researcher. In college I also interned in the US House of Representatives and for a California Gubernatorial campaign.

I received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Law from the University of Southern California.

In my personal life I am deeply inspired by the works of Jonathan Haidt and Peter Singer. Haidt’s The Righteous Mind changed how I approach conversations with those of different ideological backgrounds, prioritizing empathy over argument. And Singer’s The Life You Can Save exposed me to effective altruism and the importance of international charitable giving (which brought me to CAF America). If you even casually mention one of these two in my presence, be prepared for me to talk your ear off.

In my free time I like to go on hikes, experiment in the kitchen, and listen to Jimi Hendrix.