Rebekah Siddique

Officer, Program Services CAF Canada

I am Rebekah Siddique, Program Services Officer at CAF Canada. My responsibilities include communicating with charity organizations to facilitate the completion of eligibility applications and validation of grantee organizations. Prior to joining CAF Canada, I held a variety of internships including interning for the International Rescue Committee as an Asylee Caseworker.

In my spare time I enjoy watching the Great British Baking Show, doing puzzles, reading and curating international vacations.  I am currently wrapping up my Masters of Arts at American University in International Relations where I concentrate in National Security and Foreign Policy and hold a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology from Towson University.

“Pa’lante”- A phrase that I hold dearly and keeps me going everyday is an old one that my mother always tells me. It means to keep moving forward. To keep pushing forward even when you feel defeated or to not stop moving forward when you’ve accomplished a major goal. When I hear it, it picks me up and encourages me to keep improving myself, to accept each challenge and never give up on my personal, academic or professional goals.