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Oscar Bazoberry

Oscar Bazoberry is an entrepreneur that has been able to early identify technological trends ushered by the evolution of computing and telecommunications technologies such as the Internet, Blockchain, Web3.0 and Digital Objects to create value for his clients. He has 35 years of management, operations and technological experience in the Telecom, Financial and Academic fields. He led the implementation of one of the first multi-national TCP/IP (Internet) networks, the acquisition of Comsat International, Partnership with Microsoft to create a virtual mobile bank and was instrumental in several M&A transactions with the support of bankers such as Goldman, Leeman, and Morgan Stanley.

Today, Mr. Bazoberry leads the creation of Decentralized Value Chains (DVCs) by leveraging Blockchain capabilities in the identity and transactional areas, sample projects follow:

  • Partnering with academic institutions to deploy student IDs, course certificates, diplomas, and academic transcripts. 
  • Partnering with financial institutions to deploy a decentralized global financial network to support P2P services. 
  • Preparing the issuance of a token to foster community development by leveraging the tokenization of real-world assets and financial instruments.
  • Leads the design and implementation strategy for a Universal Wallet to support Verifiable Credentials and tokenized financial services.

Some of his major accomplishments include:

  • Led the deployment of Internet networks in 42 countries
  • Provided support for the development of Strategic, Business, Marketing, Operations, Technical & Financial Plans for some of the largest telecom players in the world.
  • Managed the development and implementation of global provisioning and billing logistics 
  • In 1997 Mr. Bazoberry co-authored a paper titled “Sustainable Development Network” presented in the Santa Cruz summit of the Americas, where he advocated mobile financial applications as a key development driver. 
  • Re-structured several International Operations through the creation of regional “Centers of Excellence”
  • Exited his major investments in 2005 and created an internal fund to develop the creation of Decentralized Value Chains (DVCs) powered by financial mobile apps.

Mr. Bazoberry’s lifelong goal is to foster bottom-up development by leveraging high technology as an enabler of productive value chains.

Mr. Bazoberry has served on multiple Boards for non-profits as well as for profit corporations in the Credit Union, Chambers of Commerce, Development, Micro Financial and Telecom industries.