Oliver Ranfft

Oliver Ranft

Business Development Director, South Florida

I’m Oliver Ranft, Business Development Director for Florida. I am responsible for the Miami office which supports our south FL, Spanish-speaking clients, and our Latin America charitable partners.

I joined CAF America in 2019 with 15+ years of experience in grassroots activism, non-for-profit, and government sectors at the United Nations Development Program, political campaigns in LatAm, the Human Rights Foundation, and the Oslo Freedom Forum.  This has allowed me to create a global cooperation network for policymakers, activists, NGOs, philanthropists, journalists, and CSR programs. My passion for improving the status quo has led me to a lifetime of volunteering and the creation of a non for profit organization in Ecuador to support access to education.

I hold a B.A in Foreign Affairs and Latin American Studies from the University of Virginia, and a Master in Public Administration from the University of Potsdam, Germany.