Kayla Harrington - Headshot

Kayla Harrington

Officer, Private Donor Services

My name is Kayla Harrington and I am a Office of Private Donor Services here at CAF America. I help manage a portfolio of Donor Advised Funds, assisting donors in their support of charities around the world.

 Prior to joining CAF America, I worked at Fontheim International, LLC, a boutique corporate social responsibility consulting firm in Washington, DC. In this position, I conducted research, analysis, and writing on corporate responsibility in ESG, supply chain, and labor rights issues. Doing this work inspired me to help those that want to help the world have measurable impact.

 When I’m not working, I love to rock climb. I started climbing when I was in elementary school and since then, I’ve developed a passion for trying to bring as many people into the sport as I can, especially women. Rock climbing taught me to be strong and confident, and I want to help other women discover those attributes within themselves. I love proving how strong women climbers are, and I’m constantly looking to Lynn Hill and her storied climbing career as inspiration. When I complete a tricky climb, I often think of her famous words: “It goes, boys!”