Henry Gribbell

Officer, Team Lead

I am Henry Gribbell an Officer of Grant Services and Expedite Team Lead. I graduated from America University in the spring of 2021 with a B.A. in International Relations. During that time I studied global affairs and intercultural communication which have informed my work at CAF America. I joined CAF America in November of 2021 as a Validation Associate on the Flex-Professionals Team. On Flexpro I’ve handled the application intake and collection process process for hundreds of organizations. I’ve helped to craft countless budgets allocating a couple million dollars total in grant funds. I’ve worked both with the charities and the donors directly to ensure that funds are disbursed in an efficient and regulatorily compliant manner.

I interned for a consulting firm in Brussels and worked on a research project for the Department of State further expanding my horizons.

In my free time I enjoy reading Historical Fiction and going on short hikes around the DMV area with friends.