Angelica Gonzalez

Angelica Gonzalez

Assistant Director, Grant Services

I am Angelica Gonzalez, a Senior Associate of Grant Services. I support a team of professionals that conduct charity outreach and application management for the validation process at CAF America. In addition to my role at CAF America, I also manage the CAF Canada Expedite Giving Program, which facilitates cross-border giving from US donors to Canadian Qualified Donees. In my time at CAF America, I have served on the Grant Services Team and the CAF Canada Projects Team.

Prior to joining CAF America, I was a programs intern for a litigation civil society organization in Nairobi and a research intern for a trade liberalization group in Brussels. I am grateful I had the opportunity to study and work abroad for a full academic year because it provided me with the necessary experience to work directly with charities in the U.S. and in other countries.

While completing my B.A. in Washington D.C., I volunteered with local non-profits that aided students in predominantly, low-income communities. I helped students from Spanish speaking families better their reading and comprehension skills. I also worked with the families of these students to explore and create plans for their children’s higher education. Growing up in home with limited higher education opportunities, I strive to volunteer with education driven organizations that serve marginalized immigrant communities.

Working with individuals within my own community and abroad, have led me to dedicate my work at CAF America towards accomplishing the missions that charities have set forth with the aid of charitable donors.