Adriana Hooks

Senior Associate, Grant Services

I am Adriana Hooks, a Senior Associate for the Grant Services team here at CAF America. My main responsibilities on the High-Risk team are inviting charities to being the application process, reviewing their submissions, and assisting them along the way.

I have moved around prior to planting roots in Washington, DC during my undergraduate career at American University, where I received my bachelor’s degree in Social-Cultural Anthropology while being a full-time student-athlete for the Women’s Track and Cross-Country team. My undergraduate studies lead me to conduct ethnographic research at Gallaudet University, where I also studied sign language and the importance of community. I have spent the last few years as a research associate for Thomson Reuters, conducting due diligence searches and fulfilling document retrieval requests on various financial institutions, auditing firms, and individuals nationally and internationally.

As an individual, If I’m not creating pottery, painting, or tending to my houseplants you can find me enjoying the outdoors!