The International Grantmaking Symposium

The International Grantmaking Symposium (IGS), hosted by CAF America, has become the preeminent forum for our fellow practitioners, corporate foundation colleagues, advisors, and attorneys to come together and learn the latest rules and regulations governing cross-border giving.

The IGS aims to fill a gap in the sector by offering a training specifically tailored to the needs of professionals dedicated to advancing international philanthropy. We focus on rules in the US, as well as country laws impacting the ability of foreign nonprofits to receive funding from outside of their country’s borders.


Expedited Grantmaking

Our Expedited Grantmaking Program is an efficient, time-effective way for donors to support international philanthropy while minimizing the administrative burden on recipient organizations.

As a part of the program, CAF America leverages our global network and partners in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, and South Africa to distribute qualifying grants within those countries domestically. Our partners work with the local recipient organization to complete due diligence requirements, eliminating potential language barriers and streamlining the grantmaking process. You can view our current partners below.

The CyberGrants Disbursement Solution

Have you received a grant from CAF America through the CyberGrants Disbursements Solution? CAF America works with CyberGrants, a Bonterra company, to administer this program. Please refer to our resources on the Disbursement Solution to understand how best to leverage your participation in the program.

Insights on International Philanthropy

Read the latest in philanthropic news and regulations, how it affects donors, and the impact we all make together.

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