Ukraine Emergency Response: What Donors Need To Know

March 07, 2022

CAF America’s team continues to closely monitor the crisis in Ukraine, the humanitarian impacts it is causing, and the changes to sanctions and regulatory mechanisms that it has led to. CAF America President and CEO Ted Hart and Jessie Krafft, Senior VP, External Affairs will be joined by Rabih Torbay of Project HOPE and Angela Frigo of the European Food Banks Federation, two of CAF America’s charity partners that are directly responding to the crisis in Ukraine to share their experience and provide donors with a deeper understanding of the relief and response landscape. This conversation will cover how nonprofits are responding to the crisis in Ukraine, the challenges these organizations are facing, and what advice nonprofits can give to donors seeking to make a humanitarian impact.

About Rabih Torbay
Rabih Torbay currently works as President and CEO of Project HOPE. To support Ukrainian refugees, Project HOPE has activated an emergency response team in Ukraine and neighboring countries to provide immediate health and humanitarian relief. Learn more about their efforts here.

About Angela Frigo
Angela Frigo currently works as Secretary General at European Food Banks Federation (FEBA), a European non-profit organization which works in collaboration with 24 members and 5 associate members in European countries.

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