New OFAC General Licenses for Humanitarian Relief: What Grantmakers Need to Know

February 07, 2023
Refugee camps from above - OFAC podcast

Following the recent announcement of new OFAC General Licenses that allow for expanded humanitarian relief work in many high-risk jurisdictions, this episode will dig into what grantmakers need to know about the changes and how it will affect grants made to those countries.

Join CAF America President and CEO Ted Hart in conversation with Paul Carroll, the Director of the Charity and Security Network as they update listeners on the recent OFAC General Licenses and what if means for their philanthropy.

About the Charity & Security Network
The Charity & Security Network is a resource and advocacy center working to promote and protect the ability of nonprofit organizations to carry out peacebuilding, humanitarian, and human rights missions and to advance national security frameworks that support rather than impede this work. Learn more on C&SN’s website at



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