From The Front Lines of Philanthropy: Questions You Have, Answers You Need, Volume 1

April 16, 2020
Emergency responder working out of orange supply bag - Front Lines of Philanthropy

This podcast will share up to the minute information regarding the questions funders are asking, and will provide the answers you need. We will discuss examples of grants that are being made to help with COVID-19 relief on the ground where it is needed most. Where are the hot spots around the country and around the world? Where is philanthropy making a difference? 

Join CAF America President & CEO, Ted Hart, and Senior Vice President of External Affairs at CAF America, Jessie Krafft, as they sit down with their very own Loren Previti, Assistant Vice President of Donor Services, an Iliana Lang, Officer of Private Donor Services at CAF America, to help funders increase the impact of COVID-19 philanthropic funding around the world.

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