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PS Kenya: An Innovative Approach to Improving Safe Water Access

Water is an essential resource, yet 9.9 million Kenyans rely on contaminated water sources. In response to this challenge, PS Kenya strives to increase access to clean and safe water in communities across Kenya. Learn more about how this critical work has reduced the spread of waterborne diseases in Kenya, saving countless lives.


Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance: Advancing Immunization Initiatives Around The Globe

Explore how CAF America’s partnership with Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance played an instrumental role in providing relief from Covid-19 around the globe while advancing other crucial immunization initiatives across Africa. Uncover how their partnership not only brought much-needed relief during the pandemic but also spearheaded vital immunization efforts around the world.


Transforming Lives: Crann’s Innovative Approach to Holistic Disability Care

Discover The Crann Centre’s commitment to transforming the community care landscape for people with neuro-physical disabilities and their families in Ireland. They provide comprehensive, life-long support to over 400 clients and their families, in areas such as psychological well being, health, education and career pathways, mobility, and independent living.


Beyond Books: Developments in Literacy Advances Education for Underserved Children in Pakistan

Pakistan’s educational landscape is characterized by striking statistics: a mere 14% of students progress to high school, over 60% of women are illiterate, and less than half of all girls are enrolled in school. Learn about how Developments In Literacy advances education for underserved children in Pakistan through creation of course materials and innovative online learning options.


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