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Empowering Youth and Building Bridges

Since their establishment in 1998, Sport dans la Ville has grown to operate a network of sixty sports centers, each strategically located at the heart of the low-income communities they serve. Through the power of sports activities, they instill values such as self-confidence, teamwork, dedication, leadership, and hard work in young individuals, setting them on a path to a brighter future.


Closing the Entrepreneurship Gender Gap

More women than ever are pursuing careers as entrepreneurs; however, women around the world still face gender biases and limited support from their communities, governments, and venture capital. In a recent survey conducted by the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, 70% of women entrepreneurs surveyed reported facing gender stereotypes that have negatively affected their work and 49% said that these stereotypes have affected their business’ profitability.


Changing the World Through Play

Active play and education when working hand and hand can go far in advancing community development. Coaches Across Continents (CAC), an NGO registered in both the USA and UK, links all three through their unique Self-Directed learning model that educates people through play to identify, address, and solve problems specific to their communities. Through this multidimensional approach, CAC empowers communities with the knowledge and skills needed to pave their own future.


Welcoming Ukrainian Refugees in Bulgaria

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the United Nations estimates that 7 million people have fled the country to seek refuge in neighboring countries while 8 million have been displaced within Ukraine itself. BCause Foundation, a nonprofit organization (NPO) based in Bulgaria and a member of the CAF International Network, has worked to develop the philanthropic sector within the Balkan nation since 1995. Now, with Europe facing the largest refugee crisis since the Second World War the Foundation has launched a fund for immediate and medium term support of Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria.


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