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Seawilding: Restoring Habitats and Nurturing the Next Generation of Marine Biologists

Discover how CAF America grants supported three summer 2023 interns at Seawilding. The Scotland-based nonprofit is pioneering the U.K.’s first community-led seagrass and native oyster restoration projects, restoring lost biodiversity, sequestering carbon, and sharing their learnings with other coastal communities. Hear more about the experience from the interns!


Shaping Brighter Futures for Uruguay’s Youth: Centro Educativo Los Tréboles

Learn how CAF America grants help Los Tréboles Educational Center give adolescents and families in Flor de Maroñas, Uruguay opportunities and education to build a future with more choices. The organization currently aids 725 individuals from infants to young adults.


Empowering Sustainable Mobility through Energy Innovation: Social Alpha

Discover how Social Alpha empowers sustainable mobility through green energy innovation in India. Partnering with CAF America, they ran a successful accelerator program aimed at early-stage startups working on electric bicycles and mobility solutions, providing over 500 people from underserved communities in Indian metro cities with access to clean motorized personal transport.


PS Kenya: An Innovative Approach to Improving Safe Water Access

Water is an essential resource, yet 9.9 million Kenyans rely on contaminated water sources. In response to this challenge, PS Kenya strives to increase access to clean and safe water in communities across Kenya. Learn more about how this critical work has reduced the spread of waterborne diseases in Kenya, saving countless lives.


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