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Support Your Clients’ Philanthropic Goals with a DAF



As a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) sponsor, CAF America offers giving solutions that can integrate into your clients’ planned giving strategies—on a global scale.

Any DAF at CAF America can be invested to maximize the impact of our donors’ charitable contributions. We allow donors to choose from a number of vetted investment portfolios, and we offer the option to restrict an investment policy to ESG-aligned assets.

We manage compliance for you

From validating 501(c)(3) status to navigating foreign countries’ regulations, we handle regulatory compliance, manage potential risks, and protect you and your client’s reputations.

These services are built into our grantmaking protocols, allowing for safe and secure giving to more than 1.9 million charities in 135 countries.


Give to a foreign charity from an existing DAF

If your client has an existing DAF, they can direct funds to global charities using our Donor Advised Gift option. Check with the sponsoring organization or contact us to see if we have an established relationship with their DAF.

Your clients can donate complex assets

CAF America can help you transform your clients’ complex assets (such as real estate and artwork) into meaningful philanthropic impact. By donating these assets to a donor advised fund, your client can benefit from increased flexibility in their giving.

Partner with a leader in cross-border giving

We invite you to ask us about giving through our vetted global network.

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