Enhanced Expenditure Responsibility



Enhanced Expenditure Responsibility (EER) is CAF America’s unique protocol, and our default validation protocol for vetting previously-ineligible organizations. Expenditure Responsibility is a process through which a grantor (CAF America) establishes the charitable purpose of a specific project as defined in section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.

CAF America has created an Enhanced version of Expenditure Responsibility, that allows us to certify that we have run all appropriate checks for compliance with the multitude of other rules and regulations that govern cross-border financial transaction. Our proprietary Enhanced Expenditure Responsibility (EER) process provides us with the unparalleled ability to guarantee that the the organizations we support are operating in compliance with all relevant US, international, and local laws. We also ensure that all board members of the organization and its senior staff are not on any terrorist or criminal watchlists.

Where possible, CAF America strives to use Enhanced Expenditure Responsibility in order to avoid the additional administrative burden that Equivalency Determination (the other process for establishing charitable purpose) can impose on charities.

EER requires that CAF America collect the following materials from our potential beneficiaries:

  • CAF America’s Grant Eligibility Application
  • Organizational Financial Statements (preferably audited externally)
  • Governing Documents for the Organization
  • Board and Executive Staff rosters
  • Proof of the organization’s Charitable Purpose
  • Country-specific relevant documentation

Using information from these documents, CAF America maintains ongoing weekly watchlist scanning of the organization, key staff, and board members against over 450 global databases that correlate with all known sanction and embargo lists around the world. Once all documentation has been received the complete file will be reviewed by CAF America’s grant staff, who will then deem the organization eligible.

Grantees must submit an annual report on all grant expenditures, its compliance with terms of the grant agreement, progress towards achieving the grant’s purpose, and any changes to the information submitted on their Grant Eligibility Application. This annual report is due at the end of the grantee’s fiscal year.

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