The Voice of Charities Facing COVID-19 Worldwide | Volume 1

Key Findings Include

  • 67.93% of the respondents have seen a decrease in funding and reported difficulties in reaching donors, while 33.97% indicated an increase in operational costs. More than half are unable to fully meet the expectations of those they serve due to staffing limitations (48.58%) and system-challenges (37.57%). Restrictions on travel, a key programmatic element for many organizations, have affected 63% of the respondents’ operations.
  • Despite the serious challenges organizations are experiencing worldwide, almost all respondents (90.10%) continue to serve their communities.
  • 64.09% of the respondents engaged in researching ways to innovate and adapt their operations to the current reality shaped by the coronavirus pandemic. According to the examples shared by the organizations surveyed, those with programming compatible with the virtual realm have worked to move their activities online.

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Volume 1

The Voice of Charities Facing COVID-19 Worldwide

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