Disaster Response Update: Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti

March 27, 2024

As violence and unrest in Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area has escalated over the past months, the humanitarian crisis being experienced by the local population has intensified dramatically. It’s estimated that 5.5 million Haitians are currently in need of assistance, over three million of them children. And four million Haitans are facing acute food insecurity, with one million of them one step away from famine, according to UN reports. All aspects of daily life have been affected by the unrest, including access to basic necessities like clean drinking water, food, and healthcare.

CAF America is closely monitoring the developing situation in Haiti and we will work closely with our partners on the ground to determine the best way to continue supporting the projects that people there desperately need.

Two of our grantee partners, Hope for Haiti and Fondation Enfant Jesus, have shared updates on the work they are currently conducting:

Fondation Enfant Jesus

One of Fondation Enfant Jesus’s core programs provides medical treatment to children suffering from severe malnutrition and/or HIV at FEJ’s Children’s Center in Port au Prince. At this time and in the face of the ongoing violence, program recipients continue to be provided with 24/7 care. The children treated at this clinic require intensive treatment not often available at other healthcare facilities; due to the severity of their illnesses, the children generally stay at FEJ’s Children’s Center for two-to-four months to achieve full recovery. With the current crisis in Haiti leading to widespread hunger, they anticipate a dramatic increase in malnutrition among children and an increase in demand for services.

Hope for Haiti

While Hope for Haiti are not directly responding in Port au Prince, the ripple effects of the gang violence, unrest, and insecurity are being felt in southern Haiti. Their programs are currently operating as normal, but are prepared to make adjustments rapidly should the situation change. Throughout the country, food insecurity, access to healthcare, and the continuity of education are major concerns. They expect an influx of internally displaced people from the capital in both their partner schools and infirmary.

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